How you can be cheated when you buy house (ground rent scandal)?

Are people with flats also infected by this scandal?

One of the most common questions nowadays about ground rent scandal is whether flat leaseholders are infected by whole this thing. Shortly, answer is yes. They also have problem with doubling rent and in that branch they are in same position as house leaseholders, but there are some differences. Obviously it is not the same when you live in house and when you live in flat, conditions are different as well as regulations.

You cannot buy freehold flat

Houses are somehow matter of families and other people that live there. All they want to do with house they can, they don’t have to ask for permission of neighbors except in particular cases. Of course I speak about situation when people who live in house bought freehold house. Apparently you can’t do almost anything without permission of freeholder if you are leaseholder. In other hand you can’t buy freehold flay. Why is that so? Well you live in one building with many other people and families, and you are not freeholder of flat. It simply works differently. Outside of England there is something known as commonhold. This basically means that all holders of all flats share their part of freehold.

Problem for leaseholders with older leasehold properties

Like it wasn’t enough that ground rent scandal hit people in Great Britain so there are people that have even more problems with whole this thing. There are people with older leasehold properties such as those that have flats above shops so it happens that steep grounds rent figures are inserted in their contracts. This just adds more frustration to the people who face consequences of this scandal.